What is an Industrial Park in Mexico

According to the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks (NMX-R-046-SCFI-2015), an industrial park is a delimited land that meets the following criteria:

  1. It has a property title, permits and design for the operation of manufacturing plants or distribution centers. It is located near the main trade routes and urban areas to facilitate access to markets, suppliers, labor force and educational services, housing and health.
  2. It offers infrastructure and equipment for industry, in addition to basic services such as water, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, railway spur, water treatment plants, etc.
  3. It operates under internal regulations and has an administration that coordinates security, the proper functioning of the infrastructure, the promotion of real estate and the general management of procedures and permits with authorities.

Industrial parks that comply with this Mexican Standard have the advantage to offer certainty to customers who settle there, which increases the value of their assets and makes them more attractive.

Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks

To differentiate industrial parks that comply with regulations and quality standards, in 1999 the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks was created as an AMPIP initiative to federal government authorities. This standard is voluntary, and it cover the land, infrastructure, services and the regulatory framework. It does not include the scope of buildings.

The objective of the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks is to promote quality and best practices, through compliance with regulations and standards, providing to tenants a place to operate in favorable conditions.


Full text Standard NMX-R-046-SCFI-2015

The Standard establishes the basic requirements that an industrial real estate development must comply, in order to be considered as an "industrial park". Among these requirements are: property title, location plan, environmental impact, pavement design, executive project, licenses and permits, head works and internal regulations.

Regarding the basic services that an industrial park should have, the Standard considers water, electricity, telecommunications, discharge of wastewater and rainwater, and it also establishes evaluation parameters for each one. On the infrastructure and urbanization works, an industrial park must have acceleration or deceleration lanes for access, paved roads, concrete garrisons, road lighting, street nomenclature, green areas, and signs, among other aspects.

The fulfillment of these standards allows an industrial real estate development to differentiate itself from the competition, by evidencing that it has the design, infrastructure and services necessary for the successful operation of tenants located there.

The 2015 version of the Standard includes an appendix with the applicable requirements to obtain the recognition of "Clean Industrial Park", granted by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

The Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks has been recognized by some municipalities as a reference for urban planning policies and incentives. Authorities are convinced that industrial parks are an important player for infrastructure development, necessary for the national industry, for the attraction of foreign direct investment and for jobs creation.

AMPIP Certificado

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How to verify an industrial park under the
Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks?

The conformity assessment procedure under the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks NMX-R-046-SCFI-2015, verifies the installations and infrastructure compliance degree, in terms of the technical specifications established in the respective regulations. This procedure is performed by a “Verification Unit” duly accredited under the terms of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization. The average time taken for the verification process of an industrial park is 2 months, a period that is divided into four stages: 1) documentary evaluation, 2) on-site evaluation, 3) reports and 4) opinion.

Since the arrival of this Standard, the CIEN Consultores firm, works in partnership with AMPIP, to support the membership industrial parks verification.

Are you interested in certifying a park under the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks?

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World-class Industrial Parks

Based on AMPIP’s mission to promote the development of competitive and sustainable industrial parks, our organization encourages the implementation of best practices with sustainability criteria. We deal with internal and external programs that drives our members to be able to comply with regulations and international standards.

Industrial parks that participate in these programs achieve a better performance and differentiation from competition, by making it possible for their tenants to operate in an adequate, productive, safe and responsible environment and community.

Green Industrial Park

In 2013, AMPIP created the program "Green Industrial Park", addressed to its membership, to recognize industrial parks that carry out actions aimed at reducing the consumption of water, energy, and polluting emissions to the environment.

The main characteristic of a green industrial park is that permanent and verifiable efforts are made within the park, to improve processes, equipment and systems, thus achieving a positive impact on the preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment.

AMPIP "Green Industrial Park" Program is aligned with the criteria of the Environmental Quality Certification granted by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA). As such, the Green Industrial Park represents a first step to promote the culture of environmental care, allowing industrial parks to move towards obtaining the Environmental Quality Certification.

To obtain this recognition, AMPIP members must:

  • Present evidence of actions in terms of water, energy and emission of pollutants.
  • Comply with current regulations in these matters.
  • Establish actions and commitments for continuous improvement in environmental care, through training, process optimization or equipment replacement, among others.

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Do you want to participate in the
Green Industrial Park program?

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Environmental Quality

The Environmental Quality Certificate is granted by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and is part of the National Environmental Audit Program (PNAA). Created in 1992, this program seeks to "increase the levels of observance of environmental regulations, in order to contribute to sustainable development."”

Companies participating in this program, submit themselves to a voluntarily audit, to determine the effective compliance of the legislation and environmental performance, and to identify areas of opportunity in which they must or can improve.

More information about the PNAA (only in Spanish) here.

The certification process for Environmental Quality is carried out by a Verification Unit duly accredited under the terms of the Federal Law on Metrology and Normalization and approved in turn by PROFEPA.

Since 2016, AMPIP works in partnership with different Verification Units for Environmental Quality, to promote the certification of the industrial parks of our members.

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Do you want to receive more information about how to get certified in Environmental Quality?

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Ph: +52 (55) 2623-2216 Ext. 13 (Mexico City)

Sustainable Industrial Park

To encourage a culture of quality and excellence, AMPIP recognizes its members that have complied with the standards of three programs, granting them the Recognition of "Sustainable Industrial Park".

These three programs are:

  1. Verification by the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks (NMX-R-046-SCFI-2015)
  2. AMPIP Green Industrial Park Recognition
  3. Environmental Quality Certificate (Profepa)

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Security Standards

Considering international global trade and investment trends, AMPIP promotes a culture of security in industrial parks, through best practices based on international standards, such as ISO 28000 (supply chain security), ISO 31000 (management of risks), ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 19011 (management of systems), ISPS Code, CTPAT and Authorized Economic Operator, among others.

More information about AEO, here.

To achieve this objective, AMPIP has a permanent program for its membership, which consists of:

  • The "Patrimonial security policy and standards guide of the general security protocol for industrial parks", as a first step towards the implementation of Security Standards.
  • Diploma in “International security standards for industrial parks", online, in partnership with the Association of Secure Companies (AES), based in Colombia.
  • Creation of AMPIP’s "Secure Industrial Park" Recognition (in process)
  • Certification under the "Authorized Economic Operator" program for industrial parks, in partnership with Ubicuity Services.

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Industrial Real Estate Market in Mexico

AMPIP has an alliance with the firm Datoz, to provide general information on the industrial real estate market in 18 cities in Mexico.

Market Reports:

  1. Descargar Industrial Market 2Q 2019
  2. Descargar Industrial Market 1Q 2019
  3. Descargar Industrial Market 4Q 2018
  4. Descargar Industrial Market 3Q 2018
  5. Descargar Industrial Market 2Q 2018


  • Inventory (m2): Total size of the market made up of existing and under construction buildings, occupied and unoccupied.
  • Availability (m2): Total space available for rent or sale including speculative space under construction.
  • Availability rate (%): Coefficient that expresses the relationship between available space and inventory.
  • Gross Absorption (%): The amount of space that was rented or sold during each quarter.
  • Construction in Process (%): Speculative space under construction at the end of each quarter.
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